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Today, poker is rightfully considered one of the most popular online games, both in real and virtual space, but with significant differences. If we consider the gameplay in real gambling halls, numerous poker rooms and virtual casinos with a game against partners with the participation of a dealer, this is a completely different level of […]

How To Play Poker Tournament: Tips For Coming Out On Top In 3-Card Poker And Video Poker Tourneys

Alongside cash games, tournaments are the most player-favored format of poker games. The extra layer of fun and the potential profitability of poker tourneys are what makes them so alluring to both new players and seasoned gamblers. Functionally, this format differs from cash games. Let’s review how to play poker tournament games, drawing on the […]

Poker Tournament Rules: information for new players

Poker belongs to a family of card games commonly played with Anglo-American hand-style poker cards of 52 cards. This means that you only need one pack of cards for the game, as the bets can be placed on any table. The so-called poker hand or hand consists of five cards. Depending on the game variant, […]

2020 poker tournaments as the most common way of playing poker

2020 poker tournaments are currently the most common way to play poker. They differ from cash games with the fact that every participant must pay a buy-in and then fight to win a portion of the prize pool. During the tournament, the blinds are constantly increasing at regular intervals. The tournament officially ends when one […]

Poker Tournament Payout Structure

Anyone interested in online poker will quickly come across the topic of payouts. We’ve checked if this provider deserves the credibility and can be recommended. Read it now! Payout structure (Standard, DoN, Satellite, WTA) The payout structure is determined before the start of a tournament and specifies which placement there is which share of the […]

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Tournament Poker for advanced players in 2020

Novice Poker players prefer the single format. They choose a suitable casino site, launch Demo versions and go round after round, competing only with a computer program one on one. If we talk about professional, advanced Poker players, these masters choose more exciting and driving formats for getting adrenaline. Participation in tournament Poker for advanced […]