Daily poker tournaments Las Vegas – the best way of entertainment for all the casino players

In the list of gambling entertainment in Vegas, poker gets a leading position. This is the most favorite card game not only for the local residents but also for the whole world. Daily poker tournaments in Las Vegas regularly become one of the brightest events in the American casino life. Such kind of game is attractive not only because of the impressive prize pool but mostly because of the competitive spirit and the opportunity to play with the famous professionals of this gambling entertainment.

The shedule of the best daily poker tournaments in Las Vegas

The incredible city Las Vegas has always been associated with gambling, Wynn Casino and Resort, Stratosphere Casino, Hard Rock Casino Las-Vegas, Monte Carlo Casino, and many other well-known gambling complexes. These names make a lot of people immediately imagine the fast rotation of the roulette wheel, the sparkling lights of slot machines, amazingly dressed people at the tables for card games, and, of course, fashionable gambling establishments with luxurious interiors like Bellagio Casino Las Vegas, Venetian Casino, Paris Las Vegas Hotel Casino and other popular gambling buildings. Thanks to its casinos, Las Vegas is considered as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the United States, making Nevada the most gambling state in the country.

There are many daily poker tournaments that collect a lot of people, and below you can find the schedules of some of the best ones:

  1. Caesars Palace – the tournament is held every day at 7.00 pm. The buy-in is $150, with no limit Hold’em;
  2. Bellagio Palace Casino – is held every day at 2.00 pm. The buy-in is $120, with No-Limit Hold’em;
  3. South Point Casino – the tournament is held every day at 10:00 am. The buy-in is $60, with No-Limit Hold’em;
  4. Golden Nugget – is held every day at 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, 7:00 pm, 10:00 pm, 1:00 am and 4:00 am The buy-in is $65, with No-Limit Hold’em;
  5. The Venetian Casino – the tournament is held every day at 7.00 pm. The buy-in is $120, with No-Limit Hold’em.

All these Vegas daily poker tournaments are always full of many new players and professionals who want to try their luck and test their own strategy.

The ways to find daily poker tournaments in Vegas near you

Poker tournaments in Las Vegas appeal to many people all around the world. But sometimes it can be difficult to find out when, where, and what time they will be held. Also, you can be interested in what tournaments are held near to the area where you live. That is why there are some best resources where you can know all the information about the poker tournaments near you:

  • PokerAtlas;
  • Bravo Live Poker;
  • Card Player Tournament Directory;
  • Local Casino Homepages.

The resources will show you all the possible tournaments for any day you want, its locations, and the nearest option for you, the time and the buy-in including the fee. It is very convenient especially for the ones who are trying poker tournaments for the first time. Using the information from any of these resources, you will be completely prepared for the competition, but don’t forget to have enough practice before it and create your own winning strategy.

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