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Vegas Poker Tournaments As The Main Test Of Strength And Skills For Poker Fans!

Poker tournaments are large event, to participate, players must buy starting stacks from the organizers, and the funds collected from the purchase will form the prize fund. The WSOP is the largest series of Vegas poker tournaments and is essentially the World Championship, which has been held since 1970. The WSOP is now an unprecedented leader among other large-scale poker projects in terms of the number of visitors and popularity. However, several other tournaments deserve attention, as well.

Vegas Poker Tournaments: The Most Popular WSOP Events

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the most recognized brand in the world of poker. Its live streams have boosted the poker careers of many players, and the achievements of this six-week festival in Las Vegas are setting new boundaries for live streaming around the world. All of Vegas poker tournaments are about 60 in total, the popular ones are:

  • High Roller $50,000 and $100,000. Many consider the opportunity to participate in such Vegas poker tournaments to be the best pinnacle of their poker career;
  • Super High Roller Bowl with a buy-in of $ 300,000;
  • Since 2012, the WSOP has been hosting a charity poker tournament with an over $ 1 million buy-in. The Big One for One Drop is not just a loud event with a huge buy-in and beautiful prize numbers. It is directly associated with the activities of the charity One Drop Foundation. Therefore, $ 111,111 from each buy-in will go to charity.
Vegas Poker Tournament

The WSOP 2020 Main Event has always been a big event, and the fact that this year’s WSOP is being played online will not affect its scale. WSOP 2020 participants will be able to play in the Main Event for $ 5,000. Once they buy-in, they will be honored to compete for the largest prize pool in online history: $ 25,000,000! For obvious reasons, this year, the majority of the Las Vegas casino poker tournaments occur online. Most of them are hosted by one of the top poker rooms – PartyPoker. Following the success of Poker Masters Online 2020, the series organizers will host another online high roller series at PartyPoker. As part of the Super High Roller Bowl Online 2020, there will be 29 expensive poker tournaments Las Vegas with buy-ins starting from $ 10,000 and ending with tournaments worth $ 100,000.

Cheap Vegas Events: The Popular Trend Of Modern Poker

Today there are dozens of series with buy-ins up to $ 1,000 running around the world. Colossus will become the tournament of the year as the largest of the cheap Vegas poker tournaments: the buy-in is $ 565, and the guarantee is $ 5 million. Once the organizers have decided on such a risky step, they are quite confident in its expediency. There are many more examples. Last year in Las Vegas, the WPT500 event was held with resounding success, at the beloved by many high rollers Aria casino. The Million-Dollar Event almost doubled its prize pool with 3,600 buy-ins raised! At the same time, the contribution was also $ 565. This year, WPT500 is organizing its event again, but with a two-million-dollar guarantee. Full Tilt Poker has recently joined this trend to host the old series of the International Poker Tour. Last year’s IPT Main Event collected 1,600 registrations!

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